Integrated action for combating hate crimes, particularly against Roma communities, and ensuring a high quality standard of police service

1. Basic project information

Project title: Combating hate crimes and violent extremism, particularly against Roma population, and increasing the quality of police service
Programme area 20: International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime
Project promoter: Inspectoratul General al Poliției Române (General Inspectorate of Romanian Police) IGPR
Project budget: 2,823,529 €
Project duration: 48 months

2. Project summary

The project addresses the main problems identified in the programme related to the negative effect on social fabric of hate crimes and violent extremism, particularly against Roma, insufficient cooperation between national law enforcement authorities and non-governmental organizations and vulnerable groups, problems in the area of equal opportunities, as well as the citizens’ concerns towards the quality of police service and their requests for more transparency and accountability.

The main objective of the project is to enhance the national capacities of preventing, detecting and investigating hate crimes and to increase the quality and accountability of police service.

3. Norwegian project partners

National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS)
Oslo Police District
Norwegian Police University College (PHS)

4. Other project partners

General Inspectorate of Romanian Gendarmerie
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy
"Vasile Lascăr" Police School
“Septimiu Mureşan” Police School
Roma Non-governmental Organization or Consortium of organizations (to be selected)
Academic partners (to be selected)